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Who we are

Located at the centre of Pristina and North Mitrovica, Europe House Kosovo is a place where citizens can come to meet and discuss as well as seek information on the European Union. Europe House Kosovo provides information on European Union, its institutions and policies, various EU grants and projects for Kosovo, and Kosovo’s road towards EU Integration.

Through communication with Kosovo citizens on EU-related matters, we can easily say that Europe House Kosovo acts as the ‘eyes and ears’ for the EU presence in Kosovo, and it is the hub of EU-related activities.

Both Centres offer:

A reception corner, where you can ask about various information related to the EU and the Centre;

EU related publications offered free of charge;

Magazine corner where citizens can enjoy reading various European weekly magazines;

A mini-library where you can find books, articles and publications on EU-related matters;

An internet corner with three computers;

A conference room which can host/accommodate up to 50 people;

A second meeting room which can accommodate up to 30 people ;

Event areas can accommodate up to 100 people standing;

Direct transmission/broadcasting of Europa via satellite (EBS) and Euronews;

Lectures, public debates and presentations on EU related topics. These activities aim to increase public awareness and knowledge, especially targeting youth so they can take informed decisions on the cost and benefits of EU integration process;

Cultural activities such as: art exhibitions, film screenings and other EU related cultural activities.

Our Team


Arianit Dedi

Team Leader

Doruntina Basha

Deputy Team Leader

Luan Ibraj

Media Analyst

Samir Karahoda

Audio-visual expert

Dafina Halili

Publications Copywriter

Rreze Hoxha

Online Content Manager

Vedat Shehu

Events and Campaign Manager

Jovana Timotijević

Events and Campaign Manager

Genta Shabani

Graphic Designer

Vida Vučetić

Helpdesk Officer / Centre Administrator

Marigona Mahmuti

Helpdesk Officer / Centre Administrator