May 11, 2019 | Saturday

Europe House, a space where the EU meets citizens and their vision

Europe House has officially opened its doors.

On 6 May, the opening of Europe House was celebrated with exhibitions by artists Gresa Islami and
Agon Nimani, and a DJ performance by Pumio Space, Rrrron and Altin Boshnjaku.

The EU Information and Cultural Center, rebranded as Europe House, has a new location but will
continue to function as a space where citizens can be informed about and get closer to the European
Union and its policies.

During the Europe Day activities, many events took place over the space of a week, starting with the
opening of Europe House, a traditional street fair with stalls representing EU Member States, a
concert of Artan Lili in Mitrovica, and culminating with a concert of Olen Cesari and the International
Clandestine Orchestra in Pristina.

At Europe House, we welcome you to take part in the diverse activities we organise each month,
while also serving as an open space for hosting other events.