June 8, 2015 | Monday

EU Information and Cultural Centre marks World Environment Day

EU Information and Cultural Centre kicks off with its new campaign on Environment and Health by marking World Environment Day celebrated each year on 5th of June. To mark the day, EU Information and Cultural Centre invited primary school “Deshmoret e Drenices” in Çikatovë e Vjetër to present in front of their fellow students from Green School of Prishtina a video material on the state of environment in their vicinity which aims to raise awareness on protection of environment at the local level. The video portrayed the river Drenica and the degraded state of it due to high level of pollution caused by the poor waste management and the Feronikel, the biggest factory in region of Drenica which is also affecting flora and fauna around the river.

After the presentation Kosovar environmentalist Labinot Salihu spoke to the pupils about the dangers of polluted environment and its degrading effects for the society especially the youngest.
“No pollution will be stopped if the citizens themselves don’t take actions to prevent this” said Salihu. Our guest environmentalist exchanged opinions with students of school “Dëshmoret e Drenicës” from Çikatove e Vjetër and Green School from Prishtina on issues that concern them in regard to environment and measures for its protection. He also stressed out the importance of civic activism in this area but without neglecting the institutional mechanisms responsible at the municipal level.

Environmentalist Labinot Salihu mentioned the importance of waste recycling as one of the efficient steps to environment protection. He pointed out that this can happen in a form of cooperation between citizens, local authorities and hygiene companies. Among others he also addresed the crucial role that schools play in educating the society through young people, for protection of our habitat . This can be done as part of the educational curricula by dedicating a class where teachers encourage schoolchildren from an early age on how to create a cleaner and healthier environment in their school premises and beyond, said Salihu.