April 21, 2016 | Thursday

EU TALKS Inclusion Policy: Challenges and Opportunities for North Kosovo

On April 14th the EU Information and Cultural Centre (EUICC) in North Mitrovica organized an EU Talks discussion on Inclusion Policy: Challenges and Opportunities for North Kosovo.

The aim of this discussion was to raise awareness on the importance of inclusion of children with disabilities in schools. With that in mind, the EUICC hosted individuals whose work and dedication to this issue have contributed to the overall growth and development of the educational system in the North of Kosovo.

Mrs. Goranka Kragović, an experienced teacher at Danica Jaramaz Kindergarten, explained the goal of emphasizing inclusion in schools and its necessity through different support systems, projects and workshops. As a child’s first point of contact with formal education, a kindergarten teacher plays a vital role in establishing the proper response and growth in the early stages of the child’s mental development. She also highlighted the necessity for a proper level of compassion and empathy in teachers as prerequisite for providing the appropriate assistance to their students.


“The role of a good teacher is to find the right approach to the students’ needs”, Goranka said. Being involved in different projects on inclusion and child care, Goranka also contributed to the successful integration of several children with various disabilities into different schools and curriculums.

As a principal of Branko Radičević Primary School, Mr Ivan Zaporožac noted the importance of providing equal opportunity and appropriate care to all students. “It is important to encourage all children to socialize with one another despite differences to make every child feel included”, Mr. Zaporožac added. His open mindedness and contemporary approaches to school management, most notable in cooperations with different institutions and organizations,  and overall credibility have improved the quality of primary education in the community.

Save the Children Project Coordinator, Mr. Jovan Vladisavljević, supporting social inclusion in the northern municipalities, offered his view on the overall conditions and disparities when it comes to successful inclusion in schools. As a pioneer of inclusion in Kosovo, Save the Children aims to establish relationships between municipalities and schools, but also to enhance skills, knowledge and participation of children and parents in education laws and strategies.

This event falls within the EUICC’s bimonthly campaign on Education and Literacy.