July 27, 2015 | Monday

EUICC held a series of activities on environment and health

The EU Information and Cultural Centre in Prishtina and North Mitrovica organized a wide range of activities on environment, health and nutrition in the month of July, in the framework of its campaign on environment and health.

In cooperation with the French Embassy, EUICC Pristina launched screening of documentaries from the environmental series enabled by the online platform iFCinema/Institut Français. The Green Cinema was launched on 2nd of July and will continue every Thursday evening until 27th of August. It is an opportunity for movie-goers to increase their knowledge and awareness about global warming and other environmental issues and inspire them to act through behavioural change.

Meanwhile a discussion on healthy living and diabetes was held in Pristina, emphasizing the need to prevent the spread of diabetes through health education and increase citizens’ awareness about this disease. The Endocrinologist Dr. Merita Emini Sadiku, said that modern dynamic life is making people eat unhealthy and fast food, with no physical activity, which has an impact on the spread of diabetes to all age groups. In addition to genetic factors, stress etc., overweight and obesity are some of the main factors that affect this disease, said Dr. Emini Sadiku.

Healthy eating habits and how to combat obesity were discussed also during a lecture with nutritionist Mirlinda Bejta in EUICC Pristina and Suzana Milutinović in EUICC North Mitrovica. Both nutritionists provided free advice to the public with guidelines for a healthy diet, followed by a reception with greens and low fat food to illustrate the healthy daily menu. Information leaflets on healthy nutrition and low fat diet were distributed to the public during the lectures.