April 26, 2017 | Wednesday


A two-day workshop on literary translation under the name “Translating the Feeling” was successfully organized at the EUICC Centre in Pristina, as part of the ongoing campaign on Education.


Gazmend Berlajolli, mentor of the workshop, a linguist and a professional translator presented the participants with an innovative program and latest translating techniques.


Literature translations require an extra effort and skill in order to bring to the readers a sense of originality of the writer’s first idea as well as the emotion. Being able to transmit the same feeling of a prose or poetry as it has in the original language, by not touching the style, rhyme nor the rhythm, was the main task and goal of the workshop.


A lots of “play with words” and “translate different writing styles” assignments, were given to the participants which they very much enjoyed and found them challenging at the same time.


“Translating the Feeling” that was conceived as a two-day event, introducing poetry and prose respectively to separately, address the characteristics of their translation.


Though announced as two-hour sessions, both days ran for an extra half an hour as we all indulged in reading and comparing different translations of verses and short passages.  

After the two days, some participants remarked that the event was “too short,” highlighted mentor Berlajolli, at the end of the workshop, were all participants were awarded with participation certificates.