November 27, 2018 | Tuesday

‘Insta Green’ exhibition highlights the environment state in Kosovo

Using the hashtags #GiveGreenAChance and #EuinKosovo, Kosovo citizens for three months have had a chance to be part of the Insta Green initiative, by photographing practices of environment protection and pollution in Kosovo.

In the framework of the Environment Campaign which is currently happening in Kosovo, organized by the European Union Office in Kosovo and implemented by the European Union Information and Culture Centre, citizens of every ethnicity living in Kosovo participated in the Campaign with these photographs.


As a result, 11 photographs were chosen to be part of the Insta Green exhibition which was opened on the 26th of November at the EUICC premises in Pristina.

Dimitrios Machairidis from the European Union Office congratulated all the lucky talented people who were chosen to be part of the exhibition, by also stating that he has already seen a talent in Kosovo people when it comes to taking photographs from different angles.

Vjosa Berisha from the EUICC stated that the EUICC will not limit its engagement within the environment field only within this Campaign, but will continue the support throughout the upcoming year as well.


“There was a lot of interest in participating in the Insta Green initiative and we are happy that we received a lot of photographs and people were eager to capture environment in their perspective. The exhibition shows a lot of environment protection and also pollution caused in Kosovo” said Vjosa Berisha.

Photographs by Arineta Mula, Erza Kurti, Nikola Bojovic, Shkamb Hadri, Leunita Syla and others are part of the exhibition.


“It is an honor to see my photography here as part of the exhibition. I took the picture close to my apartment, and it’s full of rubbish, so I wanted to also let know that the rubbish is usually close to living areas in Kosovo and this only damages the overall health” said Erza Kurti in the opening night of the exhibition.